Date: 07-10-2008

Dear HAC Produsts,
I just wanted to write and Thank You for your prompt shipping of the Sissy
Bar/Backrest I ordered.  I really appreciate the excellent service I
received from your company.  The package was delivered on Friday 10/3/08.
Unfortunatly I was not at home to sign for it, and had to wait until Monday
to get the box.  I also Thank You for shipping the items you had in stock by
Fed-Ex, free of charge.
It is very refreshing to deal with a company who truly puts the customer
Keep up the good work!!

Date: 02-03-2008

I would like to thank you very much for a really great product and a really fast service I ordered other products from here in Australia the same day and received yours 1st. Once again thank you. it looks great I've sent a picture as well.
Paul Baber

Date: 09-04-2008
Dear HAC Products,
I ordered a sissy bar & luggage rack for my V-MAX motorcycle. However; the luggage rack ordered would not have worked with the sissy bar ordered. Your sales / order people caught this and notified me right away. I asked them to change my order to the correct luggage rack and they did! Even though the correct one was less money than the wrong one. Clearly putting customer satisfaction before simple profits.

I received (and was charged for) the correct products. Moreover the design, fit, & sturdiness is incredible. Bike looks like it came right off the assembly line with it on. No modifications necessary, a true bolt on product that looks great and works even better !

Kudos to everyone at HAC ! ! !

Brian Boogaard
Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Date: 04-03-2008


The parts were delivered today. Thank you for your quick and prompt service. The parts look good and I can't wait to mount them on the bike.